Spring League 2023

Spring League starts 30th September 


Our Spring League Competition is starting soon! For 8 weeks from Saturday the 30 September, until Sunday the 19th of November 2023, the league will be held at our club.

This league is open to any members, with no additional charge or tickets required.

Archers who have been members for < 12 months will be competing as a separate group.


Weekly winners receive a free drink and a chocolate bar.

Overall winners will be awarded trophies.


You can  shoot as many of 16 days you wish to shoot. Only your best 3 score sheets will count.

30 arrows per round

Short distances only. 20m for 16 age and under, 30m or 40m otherwise.

***NEW rules:   A grade Open Class will shoot 40m.

                            Compound archers must use a small face target (80cm).

Must have a witness for scoring

Please note that the Club intends to publish, on the website and on social media, the weekly and overall event standings during the 8 week League duration and the final results at the end of the competition.    This means that Archer names in the form of First name and Surname initial eg. Greg L or Stuart S, will be published.    If members do not wish their names to be published in this form please let us know and we will use an agreed upon "Nick name" in its place.

How to Participate:

Ensure you have a witness (They can also be shooting) for scoring

Ensure one person per target (Max 4 per target) has iScored.today on their smartphone (We suggest bookmarking the following webpage https://iscored.today/#/).

Shoot 5 rounds (6 arrows each round) for a total of 30 arrows, while tallying up your score (Please note: We will have League score sheets available in the clubhouse.)

Ensure yourself and your witness sign this scoring sheet

Both paper and electronic scoring is required for the competition.

Please note: Only 1 league round can be submitted by an archer on each day of the league competition. (This means you can submit 1 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday.) This restriction is part of Archer’s Diary.   If you wish you can have a practice round before doing the League round, either by just scoring on paper , or by shooting the same round in the Club Shoot event.

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Score Sheets

Score Sheets are provided in the target shed and clubhouse, however please feel free to print some just in case:

Junior Score Sheet

SCAC League Score Cards for Junior 20m Merit Rounds       

Adult Score Sheet         

SCAC League Score Cards 30m for Adult Merit Rounds

SCAC League Scorecard A Grade Open 40m Merit Rounds

How to use iScored Today

How to register for a league shoot 

How to record your score