Relocation Info

General Info

Currently there are plans for the redevelopment of Pennell reserve in the intermediate future. As such we will be required to move our club to new grounds.

Whilst redevelopment works affecting the area of our club are not due to start for a while, and we have the full support of our council, we will need to start the process of finding a new home for our club.

This will be a major effort and will require the input from all the members of our club.

In order to co-ordinate our investigations, a google map has been published on our website which we will update with potential locations as they are provided by our members. We will further provide updates with the results of the committee’s investigations.

  • Yellow pins = Suggested, yet to visit.
  • Purple pins = A site visit has been done, and site has potential (further investigation to be done and council input required).
  • Black pins = Not suitable.

If you hover over the pins, info will be displayed about current findings.

If you find a possible suitable area, please submit it on the submissions page and we will investigate and update the map.


Range requirements

  • We require a flat area for a range.
  • Ideally 150m in length (90m shooting distance, plus 50m backstop, plus 10m behind the shooting line any more is great.
  • Anything less will require a backstop (mound, etc) to stop any arrows leaving the field behind the targets, with a sufficient backstop, a minimum of 100m (90m shooting distance plus 10m behind the shooting line) may be acceptable.
  • Anything below 100m will not be suitable.
  • Width, we ideally require something wider than our current 30m along with a clearance area 20m each side of the field, with a fence, where possible, preventing pedestrians from crossing into the field of play.
  • Availability - Ideally a location that allows shooting 7 days a week during daylight hours.


Along with this, any of the following would be a bonus:

  • Storage (sheds, etc)
  • Toilet
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Fencing for security
  • Parking for vehicles (can be gravel)
  • Facilities for clubhouse
  • Power
  • Water 
  • South facing (its best to have the sun behind an archer rather than in front).