Become a Member


Become a Member

Looking to become a member? These are the recommended steps to take!


   Attend a Come & Try Session

Drop in for a session with our qualified volunteer instructors and learn the basics of archery. During this trial period. new archers will be coached on the fundamentals of archery form, equipment and safety. Once you have settled into archery, and show that you can safely shoot, we will help guide you through the application process.



   Join Archery Australia

Membership is applied for through the Archery Australia website. The process is completed and paid for online. Follow the New Members Join page, select Archery Victoria and pick Southern Cross Archery Club Inc. Select the relevant age group and follow the remaining steps to complete the process. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email from the club.


   Buying Equipment

Owning your own bow is a big step in your archery career. If you are uncertain of what you require, our friendly club members will be happy to assist you in selecting the right bow for you, regardless of whether you want to shoot compound, recuve or traditional.
If you are still unsure, our club does offer quirepment hire. Please ask a club member for more information.


   Pay Shooting Fees

Once your membership has been confirmed, you are entitled to use the club facilities as a financial member. Members can pay $10 per session, or can opt to pay an upfront $80 to cover a three-month period.



   Safe Shooting!

Now that you have become a member and have acquired your first bow, take the time to build on your skills, try out archery events, and immerse yourself in the wonderful experience of archery.


A more in-depth guide for Archery Australia Memberships can be found here.